Welcome to my Virtual Sculpture Gallery and thank you for your interest in my sculptures.  My work reflects a long standing commitment to explore new and innovative ways to represent the human figure in sculpture.  I am interested in the emotional and psychological content of this subject matter, the relationships of form to space and that of one figure to another, and most recently, the figure used in the service of an idea or as narrative.

While I sometimes work with live models, unless I am specifically doing a portrait commission, my intention is not to create a likeness, but rather to interpret it.  Sometimes I'm concerned more with the personality; other times with the gesture of the pose or how the figure or figures can best express the idea I am attempting to convey.  I am not interested in a literal rendering but rather an impression, a realism that is not traditional but contemporary.

Most all of my work begins as clay and is modeled rather than carved.  Some sculptures are cast from the clay into bronze, silver,  aluminum and other media.  Most sculptures remain as clay and are fired into stoneware.  The clay I use is a very vitreous material which when fired is as hard as granite and is ideal for outdoors, being both durable and weatherproof.

I have been working for many years developing techniques that enable me to build very large scale complex sculptures from stoneware and to add surface patinas that enhance but do not hide the natural clays.

Please browse through my gallery and thank you again for visiting.  If you have any questions, comments or interest in purchasing any of my pieces or commissioning any work, please feel free to contact me.


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